Best Motherboards for Ryzen 7 2700X

Best Motherboards for Ryzen 7 2700X

If we talk about optimum processing performance, the first thing that probably comes into your mind is the Ryzen 7 2700X. With this, you’re given the smart advantage of flawless functionality.

Whether you’re a novice or expert PC builder, you understand that the two of the most crucial factors to look for are functionality and quality. But to further maximize the performance of a Ryzen processor, there’s a need to possess a compatible and equally outstanding motherboard.

However, there are many options in the market, so you have to choose the best motherboard for Ryzen 7 2700X.

Just read on and keep that PC up and running!

So here is my list of The 7 Best Motherboards for Ryzen 7 2700X

With so many choices on sale, it is undeniably hard to choose what’s best for you. Well, this article is complete with features and specs of the following products that you will surely love.

Best Motherboard for Ryzen 7 2700X: TOP PICK Asus ROG Strix B450-F Gaming Asus ROG Strix B450-F Gaming Check Price
Best Gaming Motherboard for 2700X MSI Arsenal B450 TOMAHAWK Max MSI Arsenal B450 TOMAHAWK Max Check Price
Best Budget-friendly Motherboard for 2700X GIGABYTE B450M DS3H GIGABYTE B450M DS3H Check Price
Best Premium Motherboard for 2700X ASUS ROG Strix X470-F Gaming ASUS ROG Strix X470-F Gaming Check Price
Best MicroATX (mATX) Motherboard for 2700X ASRock AB350M PRO4 ASRock AB350M PRO4 Check Price
Best Motherboard for Overclocking 2700X ASUS ROG Crosshair VI Extreme ASUS ROG Crosshair VI Extreme Check Price
Best Mini ITX (mITX) Motherboard for 2700X GIGABYTE B450 I AORUS PRO WIFI GIGABYTE B450 I AORUS PRO WIFI Check Price

Asus ROG Strix B450-F Gaming: TOP PICK

[amazon box=”B07FKTZC4M” image_alt=”Asus ROG Strix B450-F Gaming” template=”vertical2″]

On the top of the list for the best motherboard for Ryzen 7 2700X, we have the most trusted brand of gamers- Asus. This motherboard is super fast, especially when combined with the Ryzen processor.

Perhaps, the major downside of this product is its compatibility to fit in the case. This comes with great benefits, one of which is that it can maximize your processor’s connectivity and speed. With this, you are sure that it can maximize its performance.

Also, there’s no need for you to worry about the board; it won’t be at risk of melting or catching fire. Since it’s equipped with a cooling system, you’re secured that it can withstand the system’s high temperature.

If you like to overclock the system and test the speed limit of your computer, this motherboard will surely get you covered. It is furnished with auto-tuning technology that can ensure the optimum speed of your computer. This can provide stability even if you overclock.

Much more, it comes with RGB LED and lighting strip. It works like a diagnostic tool that informs you whenever there is an issue with the hardware. Also, it has a built-in I/O shield, thereby making installation easier- like plug and play.

The firmware used is BIOS, which allows you to set up the motherboard flawlessly. For sure, this product will let you build your PC from the ground up effortlessly. Since it has extra ports, upgrading it in the future is made possible.

Given its top-notch features (excellent connectivity, high speed, optimum performance cooling system, great auto-tuning technology, and ease of installation and set-up), this product from Asus is definitely a good option.

Highlighted Features

  • Excellent connectivity and high speed
  • Comes with a high-performance cooling system
  • Equipped with excellent auto-tuning technology
  • Easy installation and set-up
  • Has extra ports, thus upgrade is possible


  • Brand: Asus
  • Model: ROG Strix B450-F Gaming
  • Weight: 2.9 pounds
  • CPU: AM4 Socket for AMD Ryzen 2nd Generation/Ryzen 1st Generation/ Ryzen with Radeon Vega Graphics Processors
  • Chipset: AMD B450

MSI Arsenal B450 TOMAHAWK Max

[amazon box=”B07WF6ZQST” image_alt=”MSI Arsenal B450 TOMAHAWK Max” template=”vertical2″]

Amplify your game and achieve that competitive advantage with your Ryzen 2700X using the best gaming motherboard from MSI. It has an M.2 slot that can improve your computer to lightning speed. For sure, this circuit board can make your PC run at its best performance.

With this, you can maximize the full speed of your mobo without overheating. It only exerts low temperature, thus minimizing the risk of overheating. Also, it can be used with DDR4 memory up to 4000 MHz.

Much more, it has an HD sound boost that is sure to give you an impressive gaming experience. Certainly, it is perfect for high-end gaming. However, this board’s minor issue, if used with the Ryzen 7 2700X, was its retention brackets.

The material used therein is poor-quality plastic. Also, you should be careful in maneuvering the ports; this might easily damage these parts. Overall, this mobo is pretty durable.

So, if you’re building or upgrading your gaming PC, it is an ideal option as it comes with excellent core support. Since it’s compatible with various cores, you’re sure to have great gaming performance.

Also, you can use the BIOS flash button with ease. Updating it will surely be a breeze. Since it comes with pre-installed settings, overclocking and changing the speed of the RAM can be done effortlessly.

Besides, this rig supports up to 64GB, so upgrading it is trouble-free. As a bonus, it comes with extra slots for your extra stuff. Overall, this is the best option for PC gaming.

Highlighted Features

  • Super-fast connectivity and stable performance
  • Equipped with flash BIOS button for easy set-up
  • Has an excellent cooling system
  • Comes with great gaming audio
  • Compatible with various cores


  • Brand: MSI
  • Model: B450 TOMAHAWK MAX
  • Weight: 2.99 pounds
  • CPU: Supports 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen™, Ryzen™ with Radeon™ Vega Graphics, 2nd Gen AMD Ryzen™ with Radeon™ Graphics and Athlon™ with Radeon™ Vega Graphics Desktop Processors for Socket AM4
  • Chipset: AMD B450

GIGABYTE B450M DS3H Motherboard

[amazon box=”B07FWVJSHC” image_alt=”GIGABYTE B450M DS3H” template=”vertical2″]

Next in our list is a product made by GIGABYTE—one of the most trusted choices of PC users, both pros and starters. So, if you’re thinking of building a rig on a budget, this board is the right option for you.

Without a doubt, this is the best budget-friendly motherboard for Ryzen 2700X. It can be used not only for your home and office PC but for light gaming as well.

The absence of built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is a snag from this mobo. Unlike the first two boards on this list, it doesn’t have a flash BIOS button. But then, this product is relatively easy to use. Also, overclocking can’t be completely performed since you have to enter the presets manually.

Much more, you’re sure that it can keep the temperature down whenever you’re using the PC for an extended time – thanks to its CPU fan and case fan header. Similarly, it has ports that can accommodate several plug-ins. This can also support multiple outputs for display, ideal if you need to use multiple screens.

Another great feature of this product is its LED lights. With this, the rig will have a cooler look. It has a toggle switch, so you have the discretion to turn on or off the lights.

Since the board comes in a compact size, it gives space between the RAM slots and CPU cooler. This mobo can surely provide optimum functionality, making it ideal for your home and office PC.

Undeniably, this device is a great value for your money. You are guaranteed great performance without compromising its affordability.

Highlighted Features

  • Budget-friendly
  • Compact device
  • Comes with multiple USB ports
  • Supports multiple displays
  • Ensures optimum functionality and performance


  • Brand: GIGABYTE
  • Model: B450M DS3H
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • CPU: AMD 1st & 2nd Gen Ryzen Processors / Ryzen with Radeon Vega Graphics Processors
  • Chipset: AMD B450

ASUS ROG Strix X470-F Gaming

[amazon box=”B07C4PH429″ image_alt=”ASUS ROG Strix X470-F Gaming” template=”vertical2″]

Well, this item is the second motherboard from ASUS – a plug and play mobo for gaming PC builders. It is equipped with qualities that a PC builder and gamer could ever ask for.

Now, you can maximize the features of the PC you’re planning to build with the best premium motherboard for 2700X. Like any other motherboard, this also comes with a disadvantage.

More specifically, each feature requires a specific program. So, in order for you to enhance its functionality, you need to download all of these programs, which is quite a hassle. This also means that it requires several system resources if you are going to run them.

Nevertheless, this rig is an ideal option for your Ryzen 7 2700X system, whether you’re a newbie or an expert in PC building. It has a smart built and is easy to set-up BIOS. Much more, the storage is huge, and the RGB light is perfect for those who like to light it up with neon.

Since the signature IO shield of ASUS is pre-installed, it can hide the M.2 card just the way you like it. Also, you don’t have to worry about overheating when gaming. It has multiple fan headers, thereby keeping the temperature low while you play.

Furthermore, you can overclock the system and get a speed of at least 3400 MHz. The BIOS can be updated, allowing the rig to perform big time. If you want optimum sound quality, this board comes with built-in audio.

With these features on hand, you’re sure to experience premium gaming experience.

Highlighted Features

  • High speed and smart design
  • Easy set-up BIOS
  • Equipped with great storage
  • Excellent temperature control
  • Supports plug and play


  • Brand: ASUS
  • Model: ROG Strix X470-F Gaming
  • Weight: 3.5 pounds
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 2 AM4 and 7th Generation Athlon Processors
  • Chipset: AMD X470

ASRock AB350M PRO4 Motherboard

[amazon box=”B06X9LN3QK” image_alt=”ASRock AB350M PRO4″ template=”vertical2″]

If you want to build a gaming PC with ATX features on a budget, this board is perfect for you. For sure, you will be provided with features equal to full ATX versions. Performance-wise, you will love this product from ASRock, being known as the best MicroATX motherboard for 2700X.

Perhaps, the major downside of this board is that it freezes and runs slowly after frequent use. But then, this drawback is offset by all the features it possesses. For sure, it can provide you with optimum performance, even if you overclock.

This product can help you enjoy unlimited gaming with friends. You don’t have to worry about overheating, so you’re sure that it won’t crash (in contradiction to the complaints of other users). Thanks to the supercooling method used therein. It can keep the temps considerably low to avoid overheating issues.

Just plug and play, and you’re all set. Through the picture-to-picture guide, installing the BIOS is very easy. You also don’t need to perform any upgrades when used with Ryzen 2700X, as you can use it right out of the box.

Much more, it has an excellent look, given its compact and sturdy design. If you’re not into flashy lights like the other board in this list, then this product is definitely for you.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to set-up, just plug and play
  • Equipped with an excellent cooling system
  • Compact and sturdy design
  • Less risk of overheating
  • Comes with picture-to-picture guide


  • Brand: ASRock
  • Model: AB350M PRO4
  • Weight: 2.4 pounds
  • CPU: AMD Socket AM4 A-Series APUs (Bristol Ridge) and Ryzen CPUs (Summit Ridge)
  • Chipset: AMD Promontory B350

ASUS ROG Crosshair VI Extreme

[amazon box=”B0748HV4B4″ image_alt=”ASUS ROG Crosshair VI Extreme” template=”vertical2″]

If you’re looking for a motherboard that is furnished with top-notch features, then you can always trust Asus. And yes, this one is already the third one from the same brand on the list. Undeniably, it’s a motherboard that is created for extreme overclockers.

You can now build your PC and overclock all you want using the best motherboard for overclocking 2700X. Like the other motherboards in this list, this also comes with a major drawback; it has an issue with its BIOS updates.

Since the flash BIOS button should be used in updating, it takes a while to go through the whole process. Don’t worry, though; anything else is sure to work great.

Installing this rig is very easy. Although it doesn’t require a flash BIOS, it will provide you with many tweaking options, whenever necessary. For sure, you can maximize its speed after overclocking the processor.

Also, you don’t have to worry about overheating or freezing your PC. This board has premium features, including liquid nitrogen overclocking support and water cooling support.

Much more, the rig comes with the “Safe boot” button, allowing you to fix issues within an operating system. With this, you can push into the limits of the Ryzen 2700X while maintaining the stability of all cores. Not to mention, the safe slots are firm enough, supporting a heavyweight GPU.

Perhaps, what makes this mobo special is its Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. The bottom line is if you want to overclock, you should use a top-notch motherboard for your Ryzen 2700X.

Highlighted Features

  • Extreme overclocking support
  • Has a dynamic cooling system
  • Supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Comes with updated BIOS
  • Can carry a heavyweight GPU


  • Brand: ASUS
  • Model: ROG Crosshair VI Extreme
  • Weight: 2.90 pounds
  • CPU: AMD Socket for AMD Ryzen/ 7th Generation A-series/Athlon Processors
  • Chipset: AMD X370


[amazon box=”B07GPDJ9R6″ image_alt=”GIGABYTE B450 I AORUS PRO WIFI” template=”vertical2″]

Who would doubt products from GIGABYTE? Well, this motherboard is already second from the same brand on this list. If you’re looking for something that is compact yet powerful, then go for the best mini ITX motherboard for 2700X.

But then, it also comes with downsides. First, it has an audio system issue which tends to buzz. Since it’s generally made for home and office use, the BIOS has limited options.

That only means that if you’re not really into high-end gaming, such that you will just use your PC for everyday work, then this is the rig for you. Yes, it’s not for overclocking, but it is sure to give you smooth and incredible performance.

It comes with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, allowing maximum connectivity. Much more, the board is made of high quality and durable materials. Since the size is small and portable, it is ideal for a limited space.

This product also has sturdy ports for USB and HDMI. For sure, it can support multiple displays.

Highlighted Features

  • Ensures powerful and smooth performance
  • Comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Made with high-quality and durable materials
  • Equipped with multiple ports for USB and HDMI
  • Optimum portability


  • Brand: GIGABYTE
  • Model: B450 I Auros Pro Wifi
  • Weight: 1.9 pounds
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 2nd Generation Processors/Radeon Vega Graphics processors/1st Generation Processors
  • Chipset: AMD B450

Final Words

You could relate how much effort you should exert when building your PC completely. Whether you’ll be using it at your home, office, or for gaming, you only deserve the best motherboard for AMD Ryzen 7 2700x.

Hopefully, this article helped you decide which motherboard you’ll be using for your processor. Don’t worry, everything on this list will be worth it. Yes, they come with different features, but they have one thing in common – top-notch qualities.

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