Intel i9-9900K and i7-9700K Reviews and Comparison

i7 9700k vs i9 9900k

Intel is now equipped to showcase the best of its technological advancements with the new Core i7-9700K which was announced on October 8, 2018. Intel has the belief to stand in the market as one of the best high-end CPUs designed for better gaming performances.

The Intel i7 9700K is formulated on eight cores CPU catering its heredity from the Core i7 family.

The boost/turbo clocks of Core i7 9700K lies underneath of 5GHz(4.9GHz to be exact)  and the base clocks at 3.6HGz. It indicates that more than 5GHz will prove to be a real overclocking achievement for various Intel chips as compared to Silicon Valley.

Furthermore, evaluating the performance of this Intel model, the previous reviews and benchmarks specify a little smash over the I7 8700k especially when it is brought up to the performances on the gaming side. However, the prominence of the Intel eight-core version renders the plethora of raw performances in the case of multitasking.

The Intel Core i7-9700K will launch almost a year after the coffee lake desktop chips were launched in the previous year.

Intel Core i9-9900K and Core i7-9700K Comparison

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Intel Core i7-9700K is an eight-core Intel chip that comes up with eight threads. It involves a 3.6 GHz base clock as well as 4.9GHz boost clock. I7 9700K covers the 12MB of L3 cache as well as the Intel 360 HD graphics. It caters 16 PCle lanes in the mainstream. The Intel model is made up with the similar 14nm node process which was being utilized since the Broadwell. It has been further designed in a similar architecture with very slight may show up in the market at an approximate price of $375 which is just a little higher than the price of the I7 8700K Hexacore processor.

The Intel i7 9700K functioning is simply untouchable when we talk about real gaming performances.

i7 vs i9

It is almost impossible to beat the performances of the Intel single-core processors. It, however, offers a single-threaded performance. Therefore, in terms of gaming performance and application speed, it renders the best functions we have ever thought of.

The I7 9700K provides two extra physical cores. It comes up with a huge added horsepower which is actually set on the chip. It scored about 6297 points in terms of its single-core processor and 30152 points in terms of its multi-core benchmark. It tends to give better performance due to its higher core count.

The I7 9700K possesses a slower speed base of 100MHz including the Turbo boost of 200MHz. It has trusted execution technology. It involves solder thermal interface material on its CPU which increases the clock speed at a higher rate. However, if we judge the functional level of the I7 9700K, it can be easily stated that the performance
level of this model has slightly increased than the previous Intel core processors. It is also priced a little higher than other Intel core.

I7 9700K involves 16 PCle Max Lanes along with 24 execution units. This Intel chip provides up to 64 GiB maximum memory. It has 1 memory controller along with 2 supportive memory channels. It possesses more than a 36 clock multipliers. The I7 9700K has Intel enhanced speed step technology.

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Now when we talk about the I9 9900K Intel core, it can be stated that it is one of the fastest mainstream CPUs existing so far. It contains 8 cores along 16 threads which makes it different from the i7 9700K core.

The I9 9900K contains the huge lead power that makes it comparable two times faster than the i7 9700K cores.

About the price of this Intel core, the i9 9900K cost about $450 which means that it is around $75 more than the i7 9700K Intel core.
The top-rated Intel CPU – i9 9900k core involves a soldered heat spreader that serves the lower functioning temperatures which give the facility of optimum cooling and a good overclocking system.

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This feature makes it different from i7 9700k and other Intel core processors.
It is leading as the top stack Intel mainstream processor. It also offers 3.6 GHz base frequency like that of the i7 9700K at 95 W TDP.

It also supports dual-channel memory support DDR4- 2666.

Further, it has added two cores in the 8th generation product line by raising 5.0GHz turbo speed.
However, i7 9700K comes up from the 9th Generation product line.
Another point that differentiates the i7 9700K Intel core from the i9 9900K Intel core processor is that the i9 9900K possesses the hyperthreading technology which is absent in the case of the i7 9700K Intel core unit.

Again, the i9 9900K offers 620 UHD Intel graphics chips and i9-10900K offers Intel UHD Graphics 630 chips which is much better than the graphics chips of the i7 9700K Intel core CPU.

Last but not the least, the i7 9700K Intel core offers 12 MB L3 cache whereas the i9 9900K probably includes 16 MB of L3 cache in its processor.
All these abovementioned points differentiate the two Intel core processors from each other. Both the Intel core mainstreaming CPUs differ on different grounds yet they also share various similarities in terms of their functional features. Both the i7 9700K as well as i9 9900K enjoys high rated reviews as it belongs from the Intel family. The i9 9900k processor is slightly costlier than the i7 9700K core units. The performance of the i9 9900K is much faster and better than the i7 9700K Intel core. All these features are the special characteristics of both processors.

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