How is spectrum customer service?

spectrum customer service

The Internet and Cable industry in the United States is yet to expand its horizons with the advent of new technology. We are far away from consistent and reliable service irrespective of the geographical regions. Nevertheless, we are close. There is one problem though. All the broadband internet and cable companies are striving hard for connecting more and more people to the services yet they fail to understand the importance of existing customers. The customer service departments are mostly outsourced and fail to satisfy the consumer base. Conversely, many providers are doing an excellent job too.

Today, we’ll review one of the top-notch providers in the broadband industry: Spectrum. After the merger with Time Warner and Brighthouse Network, it has services across 41 states. With this great coverage, comes a responsibility. How is Spectrum Customer Service? When to call the Customer Service? Are people satisfied with how things are? We will dissect everything in this article.

When to call Spectrum Customer Service?

Here are the probable causes to call Spectrum Customer Service.

Power Outages

Power outages are quite common in every state. They are very frustrating and might make you lose your mind. The Internet and Cable are important utilities and we can’t imagine a life without them, to be honest. In case a power outage occurs, it is difficult to resist the temptation of checking your social media notifications, streaming your favorite shows, and playing games online. Without the internet, you are good for nothing.


You can pay your monthly bill using Spectrum customer service. In addition, you can also find out information regarding your bill, how much are you paying for your package and the additional charges on top.

Lower your bill

The ever-increasing monthly bills and taxes can take a huge sum out of your pocket. If your bill is out of hands and there is no other suitable provider in your area, you can call Spectrum Customer service to lower your cable bill. Who knows? It can be your lucky day and you end up signing for a better plan than the one you already have.

Here are some mixed reviews about Spectrum Customer Service:

“Good product but overpriced. Regular “small” increases add up for retired persons on a fixed income. A few good channels and a ton of useless channels. Could find deals and promotions when it was Time Warner but Spectrum doesn’t offer any rewards for being a good customer.”

“The service was good—a little expensive but good. Once I hit the second year of service, my bill went up an extra $20 a month.”

“My sales rep was very patient and set me up with install time/packages in a timely manner and my installation technician installed over ten units in one day for me. They got the job done and saved me a headache for the following week.”

What did we find out?

There were some issues highlighted by every second person.

“The representatives are helpful”

All the Spectrum customer service representatives are quite helpful. They listen to all your problems and try to solve your problem in the best possible manner.

“It takes a while to connect with a human”

We have seen this complaint quite often. Whenever a customer tries to call customer service, it takes a lot of time to reach the agent. The waiting times are horrible and most of the time, the call disconnects as soon as you get lucky finding an agent. You have to go through the process once again.

“There is no fixed time for an issue to be resolved”

If it is your lucky day, your problem can be sorted out real quick. If not, then you have to wait for sometimes a week to get the required help.

“Technician visits are costly”

If your house requires extensive work, the technician visit can cost you a lot of money.

Final Verdict

Overall, the customer service is fine. It is not the best but gets the work done.

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